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Original VA Fancy Feet (2000)
Valentine's Day (2001)



vffuniform.jpg (34196 bytes)Here is a picture of us at one of our shows.  We are performing for Holiday Campground in Virginia Beach, VA


 sierra.jpg (30141 bytes)   

This is Sierra Morris.  She is our mascot.  She attends all of our shows with her mother and brother.


casualgroup2.jpg (22683 bytes)This was taken at our practice hall.  The Women's Club in Craddock, which is a section of Portsmouth, Va., were generous enough to allow us to use their building Monday and Thursday nights. 


origstudents.jpg (22959 bytes) These are the original students Jim taught during our first set of lessons.  Three of them are now on the team.


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Valentine's Day (2001)

We celebrated Valentine's Day by having a raffle.  First Place was $250.00, second place $100.00, and third place was $50.00.  The proceeds from the raffle will be used to subsidize the dancers uniforms, workshops, entrance to barn dances, our yearly campout.  The drawing was held at Craddock Recreation Center in Portsmouth, VA.   Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.





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